Home Tab

The Home tab gives general zoom features, configurable shortcuts, properties and measurement tools.


The following tools are available in the Home tab:

Zoom to Area


Left click and drag a box around an area of interest. When satisfied release the mouse button and the overlay window will be zoomed into that location.

Full Zoom


Returns the zoom level to the default setting.

Select Area


Click and drag to select an area that will be used in various Pix2Net features.


This box acts as a boundary for the following tools:

  • Count Cell Instances :ref:``
  • Set Review Boundary: Alignment Review
  • Polygon Extraction :ref:``
  • Filter Layer :ref:``
  • Identify Fill Blocks :ref:``
  • Export Non-Overlapping Tiles :ref:``
  • Export Single Image :ref:``

Clone Area


Creates a new image layer from the selected area of an existing layer.


A confirmation window will pop-up giving the details of the new layer and the option to enter the name for this new layer.

Configure Shortcuts


Brings up a window that allows shortcuts to be added or customized.


Shortcuts can be organized by the category they belong to, command name or shortcut key(s) given. To add or change a shortcut double click the existing shortcut or the whitespace in the Shortcut column then press the key(s) to bind this shortcut. To clear all shortcuts, press the Clear button. Export will create a .csv file listing all of the current bindings that are set.



Displays the current default color scheme for various cell boundaries, nets, rulers and text markings.


Double clicking any of these colors will bring up a color palette allowing a different color to be selected.

The Rendering Buffer Size allows the user to allocate as much or as little memory desired to the rendering (displaying) of polygons.

Device Properties


Configure the device properties of the current project by specifying the M1, Poly, N Diffusion and P Diffusion (if different).


For more information on how device properties are used in Pix2Net, see Device Properties.

Select Ruler


Drag a box to highlight any unwanted rulers (micron or pixel).


Right clicking will bring a dialogue box with an option to delete selected rulers.


Micron Ruler


Adds a micron ruler by clicking a start point and dragging to the endpoint. Press shift while dragging the mouse to lock the ruler to be horizontal or vertical.

Pixel Ruler


Adds a pixel ruler by clicking a start point and dragging to the endpoint. Press shift while dragging the mouse to lock the ruler to be horizontal or vertical.



Allows a layer to be rescaled to accurately match with known dimensions of a feature.


To use this feature draw a line across a known length or width and enter the actual value in the Calibrate pop-up window. This calibration can affect either the active layer or all layers in the project and either adjust the X-axis, Y-axis or both.

Start/Stop Timer

starttimer stoptimer

When first pressed a timer will activate pressing this again will stop the timer and bring up a Task Log Entry window.


In this window the start and stop times can be edited and the category, type of work and what layer was affected can be chosen. The users name will appear and any notes may be added.

Task Log


This opens the task log window.


New entries can be added, any entry can be edited or deleted and the list can be exported as a .CSV list.