Labels Tab

The Labels tab creates and manages labels for non port type labeling of the design, including memory bits. See Extract Memory


The following tools are available in the Netlist tab:

View Labels


The View Labels button opens a tab in the lower left corner of the GUI.


  • To add a new label category press the green plus button and give the category a name.
  • To delete a label category, highlight the category, then press the red minus button.
  • Show labels in the overlay by having the box checked. Uncheck the box to hide labels in the overlay.
  • Change the color of the label by clicking on the colored box and choosing the desired color.

Add Label


To add a label, press the Add Label button and click in the overlay in the desired location. The following window will pop up:


Select the label category in the drop down menu, type in the desired label text, and press Add.

Select Label


When highlighted, the Select Label function is active. Click and drag around the label of the highlighted category in the overlay. The selected label(s) will turn red.

Edit Label


Select a label, the press the Edit Label button. The following window will pop up:


Enter the desired change to the text and press Save.

Move Labels


Click and drag to move selected labels.

Delete Labels


Pressing Delete Labels will delete all of the currently selected labels. This operation cannot be undone.