Netlist Window


The Netlist window shows all of the nets that have currently been found. If you press the Update netlist button, then Pix2Net will clear the current netlist and generate a new one. You should update the netlist whenever you make modifications with the layer editor tool.

The left window contains the list of nets. Here are the columns:

  • Net: The name of the net.
  • Ports: The number of ports in the net.
  • Polygons: The number of polygons in the net.
  • State: A green checkmark indicates no errors. A red x indicates at least one error.
  • Error: A short description of the net’s error.

If you click on a row, then the camera will zoom to the net and highlight it, and the right window will show the details of the selected net.

The right window contains the list of ports for the currently selected net. Here are the columns:

  • Cell Number: The number of the port’s cell.
  • Cell: The name of the port’s cell.
  • Instance: The name of the port’s instance.
  • Port: The name of the port.
  • Type: The port type: Input, Output, Inout, VSS, or VDD.

If you click on the right column, then the camera will zoom to that particular port.

Netlist Checker


The Netlist Checker runs a series of sanity checks on the main netlist and makes a report of any errors encountered.

The checker can be configured to run the following tests:

  • Find Floating Ports: Finds ports that do not touch metal.
  • Count Component Ports: Verifies each component listed is defined with the correct number of terminals (optionally including a substrate tie). For example, a resistor should have 2 terminals (or 3 with a substrate tie).
  • Verify Subcircuit Params: Locates export errors where a subcircuit would be called with a different number of parameters than its definition.
  • Check Electrical Properties: Validates the electrical properties of each cell and identifies errors in calculation.