Schematic Tab

The Schematic tab creates and manages schematics for all cells.


The following tools are available in the Schematic tab:

Show Schematics


Brings up a window that shows the schematic for the active netlist. The window will open as a tab in the overlay. This is equivalent to going to the Netlist tab, clicking “Netlist Properties”, and then clicking “Schematic (Active Netlist)” See Netlist Properties.


Net Browser


Opens a window in the bottom panel that allows for highlighting, and zooming to a particular net in the schematic window.

Display Settings


Brings up a window for setting the colors used in the schematic window. These settings are saved in the global database. You can restore the default colors at any time by clicking “Restore Default Settings”. “Hide Text at this Zoom Level” will hide the text at the current zoom level, however, this is unnecessary in the schematic view.




This is the “Select Cell” button, which is in the Schematic tab for convenience. See Select.

Select Net


This is the “Select Net” button, which is in the Schematic tab for convenience. See Select Net.

Block Creator


Allows the user to create (and view) hierarchical blocks in the overlay window.