User Interface


The title bar shows the name of the program, its current version, and the file name of the currently loaded project.

The overlay shows image layers, polygon layers and netlist properties. See Overlay Windows.

The layers pane allows control of the layers and their properties. See Layers Window.

The Project Cells Pane allows for the browsing, viewing, and setting of properties of cell. See Project Cells Window.


The ribbon is the large tool bar at the top of the screen. The ribbon is divided into tabs.

Task Manager


The task manager shows the currently running tasks. You can cancel running tasks. You may also clear finished or canceled tasks.

Status Bar


The status bar is located at the bottom of the application window. It is divided into four areas. From left to right, it displays:

  • A progress bar that represents the overall status of the task manager, if at least one task is running. You can click on this area in order to see the task manager.
  • The micron coordinates of the area the mouse cursor is currently hovering over.
  • The image tile the mouse cursor is currently hovering over.
  • The cell instance the mouse cursor is currently hovering over.