Release Notes

Change Log

v1.02.0 - 12/5/2014

  • There is now a “Rotation Alignment” wizard that automates the process of using the rotation stage to align the sample to the XY stage.
  • The dos window has been removed. All log messages are now written to the “Application Log Window”.
  • There is now a “Pix2Net.exe” file, instead of a “run.bat” file.
  • The polygon line drawing tool and the ruler tool are now set to orthogonal mode when the user holds down shift.
  • The ribbon buttons now display the shortcut keys in the tool tips.
  • Added the ability to schedule focus adjustments during a capture
  • In the Capture Config window, changed “Pixels Per Micron” to “Pixel Width”
  • Added a button for reversing an anchor group. Reversing an anchor group will swap the “movable” and “static” layers around.
  • Added the ability to straighten a layer using anchors, and a “Straightening Guide” to verify features are straight.
  • The 32-bit version of Pix2Net is no longer maintained or built.

v1.0 - 9/12/2014

  • The Feature Extraction window has been completely redesigned.
  • Added a “Filter Layer” command to the “Image” tab. This command applies image filters to a layer and saves the results.
  • Simplified the buttons in the ‘Capture’ tab: There is no longer a ‘Pause’ button, because the ‘Stop’ button can be used to pause the run. The ‘Capture Config’ dialog no longer has a ‘resume’ option. Instead, runs can be resumed by pressing the ‘Resume’ button in the ribbon.
  • The ‘New Project’ and ‘Open Project’ commands now show a progress bar.
  • Added a ‘Home’ button to the Manual Move panel.
  • During the capture process, if an error occurs while capturing an image, Pix2Net will now automatically retry three times.
  • Pix2Net now warns the user if tasks are still running when the user tries to close the Pix2Net window.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented color images from stitching correctly with the default stitch settings
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the commands in the stitch editor from working
  • Fixed: Starting a large capture (10,000+ tiles) was causing Pix2Net to freeze for 30 seconds or more before capturing the first tile; large runs now start after a couple of seconds.
  • Fixed: The ‘union (self)’ polygon operation was not combining all of the polygons that it could.
  • Fixed: The layer importer was converting color images to gray scale during the import process.
  • Fixed: The opacity slider was not functioning correctly in certain situations.

v0.21 - 7/14/2014

  • Netlisting large polygon layers is now much faster
  • Rendering large polygon layers is now much smoother
  • Added the Layout Matcher
  • Added the ability to set a custom origin
  • Auto-schematic now allows the user to view the schematic in transistor mode, gate mode, and interactive mode
  • Fixed a number of features that were temporarily broken after upgrading from H2 to PostgreSQL

v0.20 - 1/20/2014

  • The backend for projects has been changed from H2 to PostgreSQL.
  • Multiple netlists can now be created.
  • The netlists are now updated in real time as the user modifies cells and polygons.
  • Added the Path Tracer tool, which makes it easy to find VSS/VDD shorts.
  • Cell and polygon operations are now undoable.
  • The Find Transistors feature is now easier to use.
  • The auto cell identification feature now compares cells by using truth tables, instead of netlists.
  • Auto-schematic now draws transistor schematics.
  • The recovery system now allows projects to be restored to any point in time.

v0.19 - 1/8/2014

  • Cell Search: Cell instances are now placed more accurately.
  • Cell Search: Fixed the bug that prevented the user from searching for cells with children.
  • Netlist tab: Added a Check Netlist button.
  • Netlist: Added a Simulation button.
  • Cells tab: Added a Clone Primary Instances feature.
  • View tab: The Reports window can now be opened from this tab.
  • Golden Compare: Added the ability to exclude warnings.
  • Netlist exporting: Added the ability to determine which electrical properties to export.
  • Netlist exporting: Added the ability to export a flat Verilog or Spice netlist.
  • Netlist exporting: Fixed some minor bugs in the Spice exporting process.
  • Auto cell id: The diffusion and polysilicon layers are no longer modified.
  • Auto cell id: Different widths are now allowed for pmos and nmos transistors.
  • Auto cell id: Fixed bug that caused zero width transistors to be found.
  • The renderer has been improved, which makes moving around smoother.
  • Added helpful functions for toggling cell visibility in the Project Cells window.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented the subnets window from being updated when the selected cell instance changed.

v0.18 - 5/18/2012

  • The automatic cell identification system has been rewritten.
  • The memory extraction system has been rewritten
  • Polygon boolean operations now use less memory
  • The manual has been overhauled