Comparing a Layer to a Golden Layer

Importing the Golden Layer

  1. Open the examples\Golden Demo\Pix2Net.prj project. You should see the fabricated layer.


  2. Go to the Trusted Design tab and click Import Golden.


  3. Browse to examples\Golden Demo\golden.gds and click the Open button. The golden GDSII file will be imported into Pix2Net.


  4. In the Layers window, right-click 19_0 and choose Rename. Rename the layer to Golden.


Running a Golden Compare

  1. Click Golden Compare.


  2. Set the Golden layer to Golden, the Fab layer to Fabricated, and Tolerance to 1000 nm.


  3. Click the Compare button. The compare process will take several minutes. A Differences layer will be generated.

Viewing Differences

  1. Click View Differences.


  2. The Polygon Reports window will appear. Click on the report to see the list of differences. Click the first column, so that it is highlighted in blue, to see the red dots (errors) first.


  3. Click on a difference in order to go directly to it. See Types of Differences for more information about what the differences mean.


Exporting Differences

  1. In the Polygon Reports window, click the Export button.


  2. Type in report and click the Save button.

  3. Browse to the output folder and open report.csv with your preferred program.