Polygon Extraction

  1. Before starting, make sure that the example Pix2Net project Digital Logic is opened
  2. Turn on the example layer that was created in the importing and stitching section of the tutorial
  3. Go into the image tab and press Extract Polygons


  1. A feature extraction window will open


  1. Make sure to check Show polygons and that under extract lines is selected (select vias when extracting vias). The polygons will appear in the bottom left and right hand corners of the window.
  2. Look around at the polygons to make sure that there is no bridging or open spaces. Do this by looking at different tiles to check how the polygons will look when extracted
  3. The extraction will not always be 100% accurate, so the user may have to put a filter


  1. There are many different filters that each have a unique way in helping extract the polygons to make the image look better.
  2. Once the polygons in the feature extraction look like they are ready, press the extract button.


More Info

For more information on extracting polygons, extracting only vias, filters, and more, please see Extract Polygons