Adding a Cell and Searching for its Instances

This tutorial will show you how to add a cell and search for its instances.

Adding a Cell

  1. Open the Digital Logic project.

  2. Add a restore point so that all changes made in this tutorial can be reverted. To do this click the Add Restore Point icon. Notes can be added to the restore point to keep documentation of the progress.


  3. In the Layers window, turn on the m1 image layer.


  4. In the Project Cells window, click the down arrow on dig block, block 0 array, and then buf. Then, click the down arrow in the window that moves the user into the target netlist.


  5. Remove the old cell. In the overlay window, select the cell then right click and select delete cell instance


Viewing Cell Instances

  1. To review the results, go to the Project Cells window and click the Cell Instances button.


  2. Click on an instance in the Cell Instances window to visit it.


Editing Cell Instances

  1. If you find an instance that has been incorrectly added by the Cell Search algorithm, you can delete it manually.

    Make sure the instance is selected. Then right-click it and select Delete Cell Instance.