SMI-Camo-Final-2015Update2SypherMedia Library™ - Circuit Camouflage Technology

SMI [] has developed innovative obfuscation technology to fight the growing threat of reverse engineering. The designer equips their integrated circuits with technology to protect your investment and Intellectual Property. Without the inclusion of this critical technology, your circuit will be reverse engineered!

SMI’s “SypherMedia Library” (SML), also known as Circuit Camouflage, has never been successfully reverse engineered or used in the development of a pirated part. SMI Circuit Camouflage is a unique and innovative technology that, when incorporated into an ASIC design, the silicon itself will resist reverse-engineering attacks. This Circuit Camouflage Technology utilizes standard tools and design methodologies, doesn’t rely on coatings or shields, and provides a high return on investment. It is ideal for silicon manufacturers, customers wanting Intellectual Property protection, and those customers having products in high attack environments.

Using SML designs and techniques, chip makers keep sensitive and strategic aspects of custom designs secret from competitors and counterfeiters providing hardware protection to secure your intellectual property. SML provides high tamper resistance from unauthorized modifications to the design by filling the entire chip with circuitry, allowing attackers no space in which to insert a Trojan circuit without destroying the underlying function of the ASIC. In summary, SMI’s SypherMedia Library Camouflage Technology keeps designs secret from competitors and counterfeiters:

• Protects against state-of-the-art circuit extraction attacks
• Applicable to any CMOS process and any digital design
• Significantly extends the security life of your product
• Low-risk technology that uses standard foundry cells
• Easily applied to any standard cell design flow
• Minimal impact to area, performance, and power consumption
• Unique circuit camouflage implementation resists SAT attacks
• Camouflage of analog IP is also available