Reverse Engineering Services:

  • License Pix2Net Circuit Extraction Software Suite
  • Trusted System and Cyber Vulnerability Assessments
  • Electronics Obsolescence/Diminishing Manufacturing Sources
  • Anti Tamper Design & Analysis
  • Electronics and IC Patent Infringement Assessments
  • Coupled Electrical & Environmental Effects Testing
  • Backside Laser Probing for Functionality
  • MSI is a Red Team member for Commercial Satellite Telecommunication Security
  • Designed Anti Hacking Circuits/Mechanisms
  • MSI is Red Team for Commercial Computer Hardware Security
  • Foreign Military Electronics Evaluation
  • Experts at unlocking secure memory code


MSI has developed an automated rapid circuit extraction software (Pix2Net) which allows for complete circuit extraction and modeling of complex microchips combat:

  • Security Evaluations (Red Team)
  • Electronic Part Obsolescence (Complete Functional Extraction / Remake Part)
  • IC Patent Infringement Assessments
  • Evaluation of third party library core designs - backdoor rouge circuits?
  • Trusted Design (Golden GDS II vs. Extracted GDS II)
  • Anti-Tamper Circuit Designs (Improve existing security)


Challenges of Reverse Engineering

The primary challenge of Reverse Engineering is imaging all of the technology features on the die, and transposing the images from physical features to an electrical functional model using a highly automated, and efficient software suite.

Physical Die -> GDS II -> Net List -> Functional Model