Incorporation of New High Technology

Incorporation of New High Technology

October 1, 2013 – MicroNet Solutions Inc (MSI) announced today they have incorporated a new high technology company in the Sandia Science and Technology Park, located in Albuquerque, NM.

MicroNet Solutions Inc, was spun out of the Trusted Security Analysis portion of Analytical Solutions Inc. which was recently purchased by Integra Technologies LLC.

The newly formed business will feature Pix2Net Circuit Extraction Software and continue to focus on rapid, state of the art reverse engineering of complex integrated circuits allowing for Trusted System vulnerability analysis, electronics obsolescence management, anti tamper design, patent infringement, and cyber vulnerability assessments.

“MSI will leverage off of many years of software and R&D experience in the area of IC circuit extraction and evaluations” said Michael Strizich, President of MSI. “Complicated electronics are integrated into every fabric of our lives, and MSI has unique capabilities to help customer’s evaluate and secure Trusted Electronic Systems” Strizich, former President of ASI, sold two divisions to Integra Technologies LLC. and now focuses solely on the cutting edge research and development aspects of MSI.